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Create subtags (nested tags) to grow a hierarchy of sub-groups.

  1. Open a notebook.
  2. Tap the button Lasso-Tool on the toolbar, then select Tags.
  3. Pick a suitable name for your subtag. Subtag is a type of tags that are subordinate to another tag to divid a group into smaller groups under the same umbrella. 
  4. Add a slash and name of a subtag after a tag, i.e. Tag/Subtag. Read these examples: #2022/Jan vs #2022/Mar; #Maths/Calculus vs #Maths/Algebra; #personal/car maintenance vs #work/proposals
  5. Grow the hierarchy further with more levels of subtags in similar format, i.e. Tag/Subtag/Subtag/Subtag, etc. Read more examples: #meeting/Team A/agenda vs #meeting/Team B/meeting notes.
  6. Type in (or write)  a name in the box to create your subtag. 
  7. Tap Done. The tag will appear in the centre of the note.